Kite Academy
KITE Academy e-Learning Ecosystem
Digital Content
Kite Academy
Use KITE Curriculum, our own set of interactive e–lessons or use your own educational materials to get started in creating interactive lessons.
Authoring Tool
Kite Academy
Create interactive lessons through mInstructor, KITE Academy's authoring tool for educators.
Kite Academy
Manage classes and assign lessons through KITE Academy and mCourser. View lessons offline through the mLibro app.
Multiplatform Output
Kite Academy
Access lessons in all types of electronic devices and operating systems.
KITE Academy Smart Learning Solutions

Enhances the classroom experience of teachers and students through digital technology.

Features of KITE Academy

Access KITE Academy’s comprehensive set of K–12 curriculum–aligned digital instructional materials that features thousands of Math and Science lessons with KITE Curriculum.

KITE Curriculum

Make teaching and learning easier and more efficient with mInstructor. It is an easy-to-use authoring tool that allows teachers who are either computer savvy or with minimal programming knowledge – to create interactive learning materials.

Engage students in learning anytime, anywhere from any computer or device with mCourser. mCourser is an online system that is used to disseminate lessons to students, monitor class participation, and assess students’ progress.


Study offline with mLibro. It is KITE Academy’s e-reader application that allows users to download both KITE Curriculum and the lessons created by teachers and educators.

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