Make teaching and learning easier and more efficient with mInstructor. It is an easy-to-use authoring tool that allows teachers who are either computer savvy or with minimal programming knowledge – to create interactive learning materials. Once accessed inside mCourser, teachers can easily import their created interactive lessons directly to the system and assign it to their students.

mInstructor also features a content repository wherein teachers can share their created lessons with their community online.

mInstructor - Free and easy to use authoring tool
Free and easy to use authoring tool

Our authoring system lets you create professional looking presentations and add interactive elements to it

mInstructor - Create homeworks and quizzes
Create homeworks and quizzes

Together with mCourser, created lessons can be used as an assessment tool to gauge and monitor students’ progress

mInstructor -Share your content with other users
Share your content with other users

Our content repository enables collaboration through sharing of ideas and lessons, keeping your files safe and easy to access.

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